Career Interest Test

This test is used to help you understand your interests. It may show you some kinds of careers you might find satisfying. The next few pages list many jobs, courses and activities. From each pair pick the one you prefer.

Look at each pair. If you prefer the one on the right, put a tick on the right hand side. If you like the answer on the left, put your tick on the left hand side. If you are not really sure what you would like then you should just guess.

Work as quickly as you can. Most people find it easy to complete. At the end you will be given a copy of the results.

Read each question. Think which one you would like the most and select your answer. If you are not sure, then just guess what is best for you. You have to choose one, and you cannot leave any blank.


Select one that best suites you:


Select one that best suites you:


Select one that best suites you:

Your Career Interest

This profile shows a graph of your interests in seven work or career activities. The highest scores show the type of activities you like best. More than one high score indicates a combination of interests. The lowest scores should also be considered since they show activities that you probably do not enjoy right now.

Use your two or three highest scores to help you find jobs that match your interests. Look in the classification of occupations that comes with this Career Interest Test.