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How can I change my Password ?

Navigate to YOUR PROFILE by clicking tab in NAVIGATION or by clicking Welcome : , your_name link on the top.

  • Click Change Profile Details button, then click Change Password.
  • Type Current Password, then your New Password, again re-type your New Password.
  • Finally click the Change Password button.

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How can I change my Profile Picture ?

Navigate to YOUR PROFILE by clicking tab in Navigation or by clicking Hi, your_name link on top right.
  • Click Change Profile Details button , then click Change Profile Picture.
  • Select an Image.
  • Finally click Change Profile Picture Button.

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National Career Guidance & Counselling Centre (NCGCC)

NCGCC provides free and independent training information and career guidance as well as matching of suitable jobs for your qualifications and experience. Contact the Centre after accessing the information and tools available on the website when:

you need more information about education and training courses;
you are not sure about your career direction or learning options; or you need help with your career planning and career decision making.

Career Guidance Officers are available 5 days a week from 8.30am to 4.15pm at the Career Guidance and Counseling Centre at "Nipunatha Piyasa", Narahenpita, Colombo 05.

Telephone: 011-2081808

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Where can I get help with my resume and job applications?

You can enter all your information and register online and build your own profile in our database. Later you can build your resume in to a printable version. If you do not use online facility, you may print application available in the web site and instructions in three languages.
Once you registered you can search for jobs at your preference and show your interest, then these record will be appeared to employers registered with us and we will contact you for further information and selection process.

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What are the objectives of NCGCC?

Explore viable vocational education and career options through the provision of accurate and comprehensive information.

To nurture ones  self awareness, self-distractedness and life skills to set wise goals, to continually learn, and add value to their future workplace.

To inculcate an appreciation for the value of all occupations and how they contribute to the well- functioning of society.

To equip our students with skills and means to positively engage in world of work.

To find and match jobs through online job portal.

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What is the strategy of Career Guidance of NCGCC?

We are committed to enable the individual to awareness, exploration and planning the future career which are necessary for all levels of students. There are different focuses at the different levels to meet varying developmental needs of Sri Lanka.

     a. At the level of Primary School: Awareness
  • To introduce students to the wide array of occupations, including new jobs created in the ever-changing     world-of-work
  • Know how and awareness of interests, abilities and career aspirations
  • Relation of self to others and work
  • Initial preferences in occupational roles in the environment

     b. At the level of Secondary School: Career Exploration
  • To deepen students understanding of self and relate schooling to the different education and career pathways.
  • Exploring the world of work
  • Awareness of relevant courses of study
  • Awareness of skills, interests and values needed for world of work

     c. At the level of Upper Secondary: Career Planning 
  • To enable students to synthesize information gathered from relevant sources to make sound educational and career decisions.
  • Clarification of career self-concept
  • Developing skills in gathering information
  • Development of decision-making skills

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How Can I Edit My Profile Data ?

Navigate to YOUR PROFILE by clicking tab in NAVIGATION or by clicking Hi,your_name link on top right.

  • Click Change Profile Details Button,then Click Change Profile Data.
  • Change Data.
  • Click Update Details Button.

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How an employer benifits throught this system ?

If you represent an employer, you can register your company in our web site free of charge. Once registered you can browse our  database and select suitable candidates and inform us for call for interviews and further information.

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