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The Career Key

Measure your interests and learn which job fits you best. Choosing an occupation is a matching process.


Your needs values, abilities, skills, interests and aspirations.


The job’s demands and potential for satisfying your needs.

The Career Key unlocks the mystery of this matching process. It will show you how to identify the jobs most likely to satisfy you.

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By Lawrence K.Jones, Ph.D, NCC.
Arranged by Dr. Keerthi Premadasa & Mr. Ajith Jayawardhane from Career Guidance Unit of University of Colombo.

How You See Yourself

Read each statement below and decides how much it describes you. Please select the answers from the drop down menu:


Appealing Occupations

Please select the answer from the drop down menu. For the jobs listed below, select “Mostly True” to those that definitely interest or attract you in some way. Select “Very True” for those that might be interested to you. Select “Doesn't Apply” for any job that you are undecided about, do not sound interesting, or that you would dislike.

R Bus Driver
R Truck Mechanic
R Carpenter
Physical Therapist
Social Worker
R Fish & Farm Warden
R Airplane Pilot
R Mechanical Engineer
Speech Therapist
R Farmer
C Bank Examiner
C Tax Expert
A Actor/Actress
A Novelist
C Insurance Clerk
C Bookkeeper
C Business Teacher
A Clothes Designer
A Artist
A Singer
C Court Stenographer
E Sales Manager
E Salesperson
A Dancer
I Chemist
I Electrical Engineer
C Bank Teller
E Apartment Manager
E Restaurant Manager
A Musician
I Astronomer
I Chemical Technician
I Biologist
E Radio /TV Announcer
E Insurance Sales Agent
E Lawyer
I Laboratory Technician
I Research Scientist

Your Career Key

Career Key Results

According to John Holland there are 6 types of people.

Realistic Investigative Artistic Social Enterprising Conventional
Career Key Chart
Career Counselling Notes